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How quickly are non-expedited passports being sent out in the US these days? And, is there any way to keep my old passport (for sentimental reasons only)?

I've seen this and had a browse through other passport questions, but they don't quite answer my query. I need to get a new passport relatively soon, as mine expires sometime this coming June. I'm not sure if I'll be traveling very soon, but I want to keep my options open for this late winter/spring just in case. That said, I have no reason to shell out the extra cash (since it's already quite expensive and I've got rent to pay!) for an expedited passport since I have no trips planned.

So how quickly are regular passports being sent out? Have we recovered from the snafus of the past year, where new requirements for traveling to Canada and Mexico slowed passport issuing to a snail's pace? Or do I send it in and expect to not see anything for about three months?

And a side question: is there any way these days to hold onto a copy of your expired passport? There are a lot of memories in those little pages.

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Response by poster: Oh, nevermind on the side question. I just saw this on the Dept. of State's website:

NOTE: Your previous passport will be returned to you with your new passport.

My mistake!
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yep, i got mine back with my new one.
my non-expedited passport was turned around in 2 weeks, and this was back in september.
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mrs. mmascolino had about the same experience as thinkingwoman around the same time frame.
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Your old passport will be voided and returned, but probably in a different envelope to the new one.

(Now's generally the best time to renew, anyway.)
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mine took just shy of one month, this was in september-october of last year
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A month for me.
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when i applied for mine at the post office at the beginning of october, the lady assured me it would be at least 6 - 8 weeks before i received my passport. i think it was maybe a week and a half at most, no joke.
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Yeah, back in September I was given dire warnings of 8-12 weeks when I took my application to the PO. New passport arrived about 2 weeks later.
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I did one renewal and three new passports in October. Total time from drop off at passport office (DMV) until they arrived in my mailbox was 13 days. And to think I was worried about only having 11 weeks to get them before our trip.
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