Isometric Visio Charts?
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Isometric Charts in Visio: Though I work on a Mac, I need to produce IA documents and Wireframes that clients can open and dink with in Visio. I'd like to produce an isometric network diagram similar to that seen here, perhaps using the templates and shapes available here, but I can't seem to make it all work. Advice?
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Have you looked at Omnigraffle? Its pro version can import/export Visio XML files. Apparently, however, Omnigraffle doesn't currently have an isometric grid or a skew tool, which would make this relatively difficult. They say they are working on it for the next version though. Perhaps Parallels+Visio is your best bet for now?

Or perhaps you could build your diagrams in Google's Sketchup (using only its isometric view and ignoring the real 3d tools) and somehow import them into Visio?
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Response by poster: I have Omnigraffle and work with it often, but the import and export from Visio is a bit kludgy. Sketchup is an idea, I'll look into it.
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Yeah, but do you have the Pro version? There's a significant difference...
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Response by poster: Yes, I've got the pro version.

I'm really looking for advice on Visio here. I realize it's a poorly designed MS app, but I know it's capable of producing what I'm after. Thanks!
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