Super depressing winter murder movie.
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Forgotten movie: Winter, small crashed plane in the woods, bag of money, resulting woes. Spoilers inside.

I remember a movie probably 10+ years old. A man and I think his brother find a crashed small plane containing dead men and a bag of money. They take the money. It corrupts them, and one man and his wife end up killing the other, and a few other people. Eventually the FBI come to town looking for the money, which was apparently from a ransom or something. They don't catch the couple, but do disclose that the serial numbers of the bills were recorded, making the cash unspendable. In the end, the couple end up with the blood of friends/relatives on their hands, and a bag of money which they can do nothing with but burn. Anyone remember this?
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a simple plan?
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Link here
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A Simple Plan
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oops too late
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Yep, thanks!
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The movie is one of my favorites and I can highly recommend the book as well. It doesn't matter if you already know the plot details, the book is very well done.
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This is one of the best movies I've ever seen, and I never want to watch it again. Unrelentingly grim, with an ending more dark and haunting than the conclusion of Hamlet.
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The plot of the movie, by the way, is based on The Pardoner's Tale, from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.
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Read the book, it's much better than the movie!
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I remember being surprised that Raimi made a movie like this... it doesn't seem to have any of his pet flourishes or themes, really. Fella's got some range.
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