Renova, retinol---need prescription or will OTC work?
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I recently saw an article by some docs on Oprah that give recommendations about taking care of your skin at certain ages. It says that in your forties and fifties most people need Renova or retinol. I have mild rosacea and dry fair skin and am 48. Do you think I should see a dermatologist to get a prescription or just use an over the counter product with retinol. I do not want to waste my money on an over the counter product if my 48 year old skin would benefit by the prescription. I have lines and dullish dry skin with a few age spots. Thanks.
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I have rosacea and dry fair skin too. At 26! My doc says wash with water (no soap, at all) and only put on my face what he tells me to. I also need to use a sunscreen. So, definitely see a doctor.
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Definitely see a doctor. I was prescribed retinol for my adult-onset acne, which makes me think that it may not be a good match for your dry skin. Also, it made my skin a lot more sensitive to sunlight, which would likely aggravate your rosacea.
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I would recommend against it but nth the dermatology appointment for sure.

I have rosacea and have read that topical vitamin A products like retinol can be extremely harsh and irritating for this condition. Here's a site explaining why, with some good journal citations. Your rosacea is mild so it might be able to handle a less concentrated OTC retinol rather than an Rx but I'd definitely talk to a good dermatologist before trying.

I'm not sold on wrinkle cream. I suspect that Oprah is a shill half the time, I've always wondered how she made $2 billion just from a tv show!
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