last minute surprise for my single girlfriends on vday
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This is a ridiculous question. It's 12:20AM Valentine's Day morning. I suddenly want to send flowers (or some other encouraging vday-ish gift) to a quite a few of my single girlfriends at their respective workplaces. Am I crazy, is this doable and how??

It's quite a few girls - around 9-10 so ideally the flowers/gifts would be cheaper (~$20 or less?). Is this possible on such late notice? Can I research and call local florists in the morning? Is there any other sort of gift that this would work better with?
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Delivered? For $20 or less? ON VALENTINE'S DAY AT THE LAST MINUTE?

Yeah, you're insane. The florists have been slammed since Tuesday. Don't take it personally if they laugh and hang up on you. I'd say 50 bucks minimum, each, and that'll be for a crappy FTD bowl or something.

Sorry :)
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Here's an idea: Do you have a friend who is unemployed and can help you out? Have them hit a store tomorrow and pick up 10-12 of those heart-shaped chocolate boxes and then drive around town and deliver them. Assuming your girlfriends all live in the same metro area, that is.
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Checked at 4 online places that do same-day delivery, and you're looking at $50 per, minimum. Most prices start at $35-ish, but there's typically a $15 'service' fee.

It might be possible someone could suggest a cheaper option that's location-dependent. For example, if you were trying to get items delivered to Manhattan, I suspect you could get SOMETHING delivered for under $20, even if it was just some candy from the nearest corner store.

Knowing the approximate location of the offices might help you get a better answer to this question.

on preview: unemployed or willing friend is a great idea and possibly your best bet. you could even pay them something like $10 a delivery and STILL end up under $20.
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And if you have a good enough friend who's willing to dress up in a diaper, wings, and carry a heart shooting bow, you just might be the luckiest guy ever. (I'm not being snarky, I seriously think it would be amazing.)
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I think this is entirely do-able, if you're not picky about the type of flower. You can get the plants at a nursery instead of a florist-- cheaper and no Valentine's Day rush. You could buy a nice pot and a few bedding plants for under $10 per head. You can then have them delivered by a taxi or equivalent. The cost for this portion would depend on the distances between them, but if they're close, i.e. in a downtown metropolitan area, it could be within your budget.
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i did this once, mid-day on a Valentine's, for an Ex after she told me her current boyf got her NOTHING. she was flabbergasted. they delivered it within an hour or so, but it cost me around/maybe a little over: $100.
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I am assuming you are sending them from the perspective of a friend, rather than potential romantic interest (you said "encouraging gift", and probably aren't romantically interested in 9-10 girls equally)?

I think it's a really thoughtful and generous idea, but be aware that one or more of them may view them as "charity flowers" and, if they're the type who get depressed if they're single on Valentine's Day, it may make matters worse. The thought is really beautiful, but some otherwise completely rational people get very strange on Valentine's Day if they see themselves as "alone" (even though they're hardly alone if they have awesome friends like you). Hope all goes well for you! :)
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Send a Hallmark e-card. It's a lot less expensive (or even free) and it still shows you care.
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Do it do it do it! But maybe do it in person?

There's a guy where I work who, every year, buys tons of carnations (wholesale, I'd guess) and does a circuit of the building presenting every female in the place with a flower. We're talking probably about 400-500 flowers. He is not trying to make us all. He's just a stand-up guy, and a bit of an old charmer.

Every year, it's really nice. And, some years, especially when you're not getting anything else, it can really lift an otherwise somewhat depressing day.

Also, even one flower, delivered nicely, would give the perk-up effect - no need to spend a fortune.
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Oops I see you are a girl. Still a great, sweet idea.
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haha I'm a girl. in a relationship. but i have many single friends and i want them to know that they're loved today

I was thinking not like a $50 dollar bouquet but maybe one long stem each? They all work in the city (New York City)
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you could always buy a bouquet at a grocery/corner store of bodega, split it up, and drop each stem at your friends' offices... this is assuming you have the time to deliver personally.
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*store OR bodega
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the only way you'd do 20 dollars a person is if you dropped them off, one by one. so if you have a sick day, take it.

oh, and realize that with the V-Day price, all roses and flowers in the city (even from local delis) are gonna be a couple of bucks more. And the later in the day, the higher the price and the worse quality.
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I honestly don't want to be a buzzkill here but consider carefully that -- particularly if you are in a visibly good relationship yourself -- if you give "consolation prize" flowers to your single women friends, it might hurt some of their feelings by highlighting their lack of a partner who would otherwise give them this gift. It sounds like you sincerely mean well, but it's dangerously easy to be inadvertently condescending in situations like this, and Valentine's Day is already an emotional minefield for many people who are discouraged with their personal lives.

I second the recommendation upthread to send (humorous) e-cards instead.
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I'm a single woman and if I received something like this from a friend, any friend, I would smile and be happy someone was thinking of me.
(i.e. don't listen to aught)

e-cards are pretty lame. if possible, i would buy a boquet or two, split up the flowers, and enlist an unoccupied friend to deliver them.
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Here is a thread with some coupons for 1-800 Flowers. It might lighten the blow to your wallet if you still decide to go the flower route (and don't want to deal directly with local florists).

Otherwise, I think it's a cute idea regardless of your own relationship status.
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When I was in the Navy, I reported to a new squadron at the beginning of Feb...Feb 14th there was a single carnation left tied to my barracks room door with a nice friendship type note...that was more than 10 years ago and I *still* think of it on Valentines Day. So ignore the buzzkills and go for it if you still can.
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