Use the line in with Logic?
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Regarding Inputs in Logic. Can the stereo Line-In count as extra inputs?

I'm considering picking up an Apogee Duet and messing around a bit with Logic. Naturally, 2 inputs is pretty limiting, but will serve me MOST of the time. I was thinking a possible solution for those rare times I need 3+ inputs would be to send a preamp to the line in, as well as the two inputs on the Duet. Is there anyway to setup Logic to take inputs from both the external Duet and the built-in Line In, at the same time?
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I think your limited by the OS audio control, you have to select your input (OS or external device). You could get a little 4/8 channel mixer and run that into the duet. Any particular reason for choosing the Apogee, it seems pretty pricey compared to other units.
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Best answer: You can set up what's called an Aggregate Device in OS X's Audio MIDI Setup utility (the option is in the "Audio" menu). Just add to it the Duet's inputs, along with the Built-In Line In, and there you've got your 4 inputs. Select this device as your default audio device in Logic, and there you have it. (I haven't done this with a Duet, but I have done it with my POD and my iMac's line-in. Works great.)
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Response by poster: Apogee Duet seems well designed and built, and they're pretty legendary for their A/D converters. Internal Pres (not that I anticipate using them) are supposedly to be mildly colored in a good way. Initial reports from users is that the thing sounds STUNNING.

Uncleozzy, I'll try that! Thanks.
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I can't speak towards your question, but the Duet is great. Awesome converters.
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