Recommendations for online pet pharmacies?
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Can you recommend a good online pet pharmacy?

The only vet specialist in town who deals with my cat's immune problems is moving, and it's going to be hard for me to get to her for refills from now on, so I'm looking into pet pharmacies. Specifically, places I can order Atopica in 50-mg capsules and dexamethasone in .5 mg pills (or other sizes I can reasonably cut down to .5 mg doses.)

I've checked out 1800petmeds and a couple of other places I found while googling, but their prices are significantly higher than I'm getting from my vet. If I have to, I'll accept that as the price of the convenience, but I'd like to look at some other options. Are there any reputable pet pharmacies out there with decent prices that I might not have thought to look at yet?
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Vet Centric?
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Our family has been using Drs Foster and Smith for pet medication - mostly flea treatments & heartwormer. It's been significantly cheaper than our former vet was simply because most medications (your two specified meds included) have generics available. We didn't even know we had the option of generic - it's really saved us some money. There is a form your vet would fill out and fax over to send the script and you'll have to have your vet note that a generic is acceptable. After that, I found everything pretty easy and have recommended them to some pet owners we know.
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I get my cat's interferon from Wedgewood Pharmacy. I don't know how their pricing compares to other veterinary pharmacies. My vet called in the prescription and Wedgewood actually called me to verify the shipping address and get my credit card info. They are a compounding pharmacy, so depending on the medications you may be able to get "appetizing" flavors like chicken or liver added.

Also, you may want to ask your vet if the meds are used on humans and are available in the proper dosages/formulations at a regular pharmacy. My friends get their dog's phenobarbital at their local Safeway. Target even includes a checkbox for "pet" on their prescription-intake form.
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I often use EntirelyPets. Don't know how deep their pharmacy inventory is, but they seem to have good prices on things like heartworm and flea/tick meds.
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