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How do I attach a favicon to an rss (xml) feed, specifically from Blogger, although if you have more generic information I'll have a look at that too? No more inside – that's the entire question.
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I believe most rss readers will use the favicon they find at the document root url. www.yourwebsite.com/feeds/myfeed.rss will look for a favicon at www.yourwebsite.com/favicon.ico.

Blogger may not let you put a file there, of course, I don't know. I don't use Blogger.

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Response by poster: My blog has a favicon that comes up in the title bar, but it doesn't appear on the feed in Bloglines (where some feeds have favicons and some do not).
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Exactly what kind of feed are you asking about?

The Atom spec offers an optional icon element which you can use to explicitly define an icon. I'd assume most CMS apps won't automatically have this in their templates, since they wouldn't know what image you want to use, or where it is, but it should be simple enough to add. I don't use Blogger, but I think you may not have control of your feed template.

Rokusan is correct that many feedreaders will default to your site's favicon, and I think if you're producing RSS(note that RSS1.0 is actually RDF not XML</pedantry>) I think that you may be stuck with that. I can't immediately find a way to tell them what icon to use in that case.
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Spoke too soon; was searching for the wrong thing. RSS2.0 has the optional image element. RSS1 doesn't matter anymore, so you're on your own there.
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note that RSS1.0 is actually RDF not XML

RDF is an XML language.
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Ugh. Listen to Monkey.
That sounded different in my head(and possibly rhymed.)
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Response by poster: tra la. Thanks all, I will go forth and tinker.
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