A good meal in Wolverhampton
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I'm looking for a good meal in Wolverhampton, UK.

I'd also like to know if people know of worthwhile restaurant recommendation site that would cover places off the beaten path in the UK (like Wolverhampton is). The first n pages on Google are just filled with largely crap restaurant listings that are really just glorified yellow pages.
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Well normally I'd recommend Sawday's here as so many of the places they recommend have restaurants attached, but it's coming up blank for Wolverhampton - indeed the whole of the midlands is something of a desert. (Insert midlands joke here.)
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OK, how's about here?

"A visit to Wolverhampton wouldn't be complete without trying a curry from one of the many Indian restaurants located in and around the city center. Of particular note is the award-winning Bilash Tandoori on Cheapside.

Other well known restautants include Bella in Chapel Ash (Upmarket Italian cuisine) and Memsahib in Compton (Indian cuisine). Other popular eateries just outside Wolverhampton include: The Red Cow at Ackleton (on the way to Bridgnorth),The Cowshed in Pattingham and the Thornescroft Restaurant (once again on the way to Bridgnorth). "

Should be a hop, skip and a Google from here, my friend :)
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Yeah, this sort of area is under-serviced I'm afraid. As you have doubtless noticed, most restaurant reviews in local media tend to be thinly veiled advertorials.

I guess there will be different answers depending on what you mean by "a good meal" (michelin contender, or just "not shit"?) If the former, then really the cream rises to the top, and you will definitely find occasional evidence / reviews etc of very good restaurants off the beaten track in national newspaper food columns and the like. I often find it's worth running a Google egullet site search too (their on-site search is limited to registered members, who have to jump through a ludicrous number of hoops to join, so it has to be 'site:forums.egullet.com wolverhampton')

If you're more looking for the best of the bog-standard restaurants, then unfortunately I've never found anything more reliable than word of mouth. Find out about promising places and try them for yourself. Many disappointments this way of course, but the occasional gem.

There are one or two good restaurants in B'ham btw (addressing the comment about Midlands being a desert). Jessica's is supposed to be well worth a visit.

Birmingham Eating (consumer review site, take results with a pinch of salt - no pun intended), seems to partially cover Wolverhampton, by the way.
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I'd also like to know if people know of worthwhile restaurant recommendation site that would cover places off the beaten path in the UK

I realize this isn't some stunningly original idea, but an OK-ish way to do this is usually to search the relevant local or regional newspaper website for restaurant reviews. Bilash seems to be the Express & Star's recommendation, too.
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