Who said this?
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Who said this quote: "Murder is the most expedient form of criticism"?

It sounds to me very much like something Quentin Crisp might have said. I don't know where I read it, and have tried a google search; maybe it was a graffito on a bathroom wall, but I think it's great and have wondered for years where it originated. Anyone know? Also, I'm interested in hearing some of you guys' favorite clever lines. Thanks!
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Best answer: Wilfrid Sheed said something similar: "Suicide is about life, being in fact the sincerest form of criticism life gets".

There's also an unattributed "Murder is the most sincere form of criticism" here.
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Response by poster: That's great! Thank you. I'm also thinking maybe Dorothy Parker.
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R. A. Lafferty expressed it the following way:
When you have shot and killed a man you have in some measure clarified your attitude toward him. You have given a definite answer to a definite problem. For better or worse you have acted decisively. In a way, the next move is up to him.
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If we're thinking of the same quotation, you might mean George Bernard Shaw's "Assassination is the extremest form of censorship."
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Sorry, it seems to be simply "extreme," not "extremest" as I wrote above.
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