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Jaeger glasses breaking, looking for parts...(and vocabulary)

I have a pair of Jaeger glasses, Mod.212 52[]17 C.62 printed on the left "arm"? Current problem is the left "arm"'s "hinge" is breaking. Nearly 80% through, so it won't take much.

Can I buy a new left arm? (left, meaning the bit that goes behind my left ear?) If so, I can just screw it on myself.

I tried to go into a local shop, but with my limited Japanese, I think they said it would take a week to fix.

Says "pure titanium" but it still broke! :)
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For what it's worth, the "arms" on a pair of glasses are called temple bars. I don't have any idea whether you can buy replacements, but now that you know the name of the part, you might be able to google.

It sounds like the kind of problem that a glasses repair place here in the US could fix while you wait (a drop or two of solder on the hinge, probably) so I'm not sure why they told you it would take a week to fix...
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I'm guessing they were telling you it will take a week to make you a new pair of glasses. I'd be amazed if you could buy just a temple for a particular frame.
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I've had arms for glasses replaced a number of times, just by walking into a glasses shop. The week they're quoting is probably just the lead-time for them to order the part.
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Where in Japan are you? For how long? Some things take a little longer in Japan - and this might be one. Did the local shop even stock Jaeger frames? If they didn't, then they are building in some time to find an importer/distributor to get the part - I doubt they would consider doing a repair i.e. solder or whatever you would do with titanium.
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I'm in Japan indefinitely, but going on holiday next Thursday. I haven't found any evidence of Jaeger outside of UK (Boots etc).
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