Help me conquer my H2H fantasy baseball league.
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What are the best websites/blogs that will help me kick my head to head fantasy baseball league's ass?

My buddies want to throw a small amount of cash in to help make our fantasy baseball league more interesting. I'd like to take their cash. What websites and/or weblogs can you recommend that will give me the edge on draft day and throughout the season?
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Best answer: Start with books - Baseball Prospectus for sure, and one or two other others linked on the amazon page for baseball prospectus (eg hardball times baseball annual, the titled-but-not-assembled-by Bill James). How much reporting you need on the minors depends if your league has a minor league draft, and if it's a keeper league. Learn to understand the stats, so you can follow the discussion on the web.

The standard big four blogs:
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Best answer: Leaving out the ones LobsterMitten posted (all A+'s), some more from my bookmarks...

All worth checking every day or two until the season starts.
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Best answer: RotoAuthority is pretty good, too.
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