Fortune 500 Company Strucutres
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Is there an online resource that describes the different business functions of Fortune 500 companies ? e.g. Sales, Marketing, Legal, It, etc ?

I'm trying to write a paper on how large organizations structure themselves and was wondering if there's any official resource for this information. I've found SIC Codes and NAICS Codes but these seem to describe the company industry segments not organization.

Appreciate any help!
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I don't know about any "official" resource -- I'm not even sure what shape that would take. The problem (or advantage, depending on your perspective) is that a company can organize itself pretty much however it wants. One company's CTO is another's CIO. One company's sales department is another company's business development department is another company's strategic alliance department.

You might find Cogmap helpful; it's a site dedicated to the organizational charts of businesses. You might be able to ascertain patterns by researching enough of them.

For example, here are the org charts for News Corp, IBM, Boeing, Google (as an outline, with titles) and McKesson.

The problem with Cogmap is accuracy; it's run like a wiki so I wouldn't trust it verbatim, but it should still provide a picture of overall structures for you, or at least maybe serve as another data point.
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Thanks for the tip Pineapple!
If anyone knows of any other related data sources please pile on.
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