Help me find a less expensive version of this closet system
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Help me find a cheaper version of this Porro closet system in the US.

My design guru/friend is helping me redecorate my apartment and as I have no closets, he suggested these modular storage unit thingies.

He assures me that they are expensive but that I might be able to find the same concept somewhere else but cheaper. I've looked at Ikea and am not sure that is the quality I want; I would prefer something somewhat higher end but if you can recommend an Ikea line that is like this please let me know which one. The goal is to have a wall of closets that becomes part of the room, but is unobtrusive yet functional. Go Mefites!
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Hmm, looks like what my parents have in their garage. I'll make a call to see if they know what they are.
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I did this with a wall of Pax (yes, Ikea).
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Yep, like Aramaic, I've done the same thing with Ikea Pax wardrobes and they've worked out really well. Many different door options, including one that looks pretty similar to the Porro doors.
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Response by poster: Hmmm, Pax was my thought too.
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