Hip Men's Shoes That Accommodate Arch Supports
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Is there any hope of ever finding reasonably hip men's shoes that can accommodate orthotics? By "hip", I don't mean hip for, like, Herman Munster. I live in NYC area, but will travel.
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Response by poster: Sorry, should note...I mean custom made orthotic inserts. Not shoes with built-in generic arch support.
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I think you'll have to define your specific problem a little bit better. I got some nice-looking Bostonion dress shoes off the shelf at Men's Wearhouse on 46th Street that accommodate my custom orthotics. My feet are 10-1/2 or 11 and maybe EEE in width.

There are shoes everywhere that accommodate orthotics, otherwise people wouldn't wear their orthotics.
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Some Allen Edmonds dress casual shoes (like the Ashton) have removable leather orthotic insoles.
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Response by poster: thanks, JimN2TAW, but by "hip" I didn't mean conservative dress shoes.

thanks, Pollomacho, but I can't imagine why you'd deem Alden "hip". Those are about the least fashionable shoes one could imagine, from the hush puppies to the penny loafers to the tassle-ties.

thanks, Prospero, but again, I'm not looking for built-in insoles. I'm looking for shoes that can accommodate my custom orthotic inserts.
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Hip is too vague. I have custom orthotics, and I wear Ecco shoes. Their insoles are always removable.

My guess is that impugning people's tastes is not going to get you more answers. Perhaps some links to shoes you consider hip would be helpful in answering the question.
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Response by poster: Hipness is indeed vague, and I'm certainly not insisting that people somehow perfectly ring my aesthetic bells. Nor am I impugning people's taste. - there's nothing wrong with penny loafers and tassle toes and hushpuppies. I'm not saying those are "bad". But while there's a vast spectrum that can be seen as hip, those are not of that spectrum. In fact, if there are three models of shoes that 99.999% of us would agree are not hip, those would be precisely them.
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Response by poster: Ecco's a good lead, btw, thanks.
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I can't imagine why you'd deem Alden "hip".

You should open up the link and look around the catalog rather than assuming that all they sell is that. They have more than tassel loafers, actually, they only show two pair that have tassels. But, hey, don't bother, your welcome anyway, I suppose there is no accounting for taste.
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