Craming for a Concert
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Please help me prepare for a Dead Prez show this week.

Hi AskMe! Dead Prez is playing my school on the 14th, and I've heard enough praise for this group to want to catch the show. I liked what I heard when I saw them on Chapelle's Block Party, but that's my only exposure to the group. I was hoping any of you MeFites who were also Dead Prez fans could catch me up on the group's essential works, and maybe recommend some personal favorites.

Thank you!
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Let's Get Free

I'm not a hunger, but I'm told....
posted by milarepa at 10:43 AM on February 12, 2008

They're bigger than Hip Hop.

Just go buy Let's Get Free and listen to that over and over.
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'Hip Hop' is probably the only 'essential' track.

(Personally, I think dead prez makes Rage Against the Machine look like Noam Chomsky, and Soulja Boy look like Rakim, but, hey, to each their own.)
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Oh, shit, I forgot about 'Mind Sex.'

Seconding klang, except I'd say just get the 'Hip Hop' 12".
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Let's Get Free is most definitely Dead Prez' best album. I personally think it's brilliant more or less from beginning to end.
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'Hell Yeah (Pimp the System)' might be worth hearing too, if only for the Jay-Z verse.
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Mind Sex is the worst track on there. Ugh. I remember having to analyze that for my hip hop class, and it was fucking dreadful.
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Let's Get Free (great album IMO) is much better than Revolutionary But Gangsta

Turn Off the Radio (a mixtape in reality) is somewhere in between
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Oh, yeah, 'Mind Sex' is just awful. It's one of the worst hip-hop love songs ever recorded, and that's saying something.
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Yeah, listen to Hell Yeah. They're pretty racist dudes, but the music itself is pretty great. If you're not black, prepare to feel a tad uncomfortable.
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Let's get free is their classic album. The other ones are spotty at best. They did some guesting with other groups (for instance, on the Coup's Party Music), but Let's Get Free is their one insanely good album that should be in virtually everyone's music collection. Ignore the haters, the whole album is sick. When it came out, I had several friends who could recite the entire album. Now, if you really want to do your homework, you'll go look up the Uhuru Movement.
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Mind Sex is like the funniest, stupidist thing I've ever heard.

The whole white-people-are-evil-but-they-dig-us thing is kind of tiring.

I just can't believe this is not a comedy album. Weird Al would have trouble topping this:

Now I know you think I wanna fuck, no doubt
But tonight well try a different route, how bout we start
With a salad, a fresh bed of lettuce with croutons
Later we can play a game of chess on the futon

That's pretty fresh!
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