Help me not be ignorant about satellites (and stuff)
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Can anyone point me to a good aerospace/defense industry blog?

Despite the lack of eccentric personalities in the business and the fast product cycles, I'm hoping there's something out there along the lines of Techcrunch or the CNET blogs, or heaven forbid, Valleywag (i.e., "Did you see that deal Boeing just closed? Loral is going to flip AMIRITE?"). Most Google searches seem to point me to less polished blogs.

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AVweb is geared mostly towards civil aviation, I think, but it's a good source for aviation news. Not as snarky or informal as the CNET/Techcrunch style of writing.
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Defense Tech
Wired's Defense Blog
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Wired's Danger Room is a good defense blog.
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Transterrestrial Musings isn't really defense-oriented, but has a lot of info about the space program.
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From Flight Magazine ...
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From Avaition Week ...
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Arms Control Wonk
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Its not exactly a blog, but its updated often (daily) concerning topics on aerospace and defense.

You could probably lose yourself just educating yourself on various topics.

Disclosure, worked there for a few months.
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