Contractor/Painting in Austin/Round Rock
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Any good general contractors/painters in the Austin/Round Rock, TX area, or a good "contractor review" web site that can point me to one?

I just bought a house, and our 2-story living room needs to be painted. I'd love to pay someone to come over, toss up a ladder, and paint it. Unfortunately, I haven't found any good resources online to find a reputable contractor to do the job. Any suggestions on a site (or a contractor) to use?
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I imagine some of the Austin housebloggers can point you in the right direction. They seem to have experiences with good contractors in that area.
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Have you tried Angieslist?
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There is Angie's List for reviews of contractors. I have a couple of negative comments about Austin area painters/contractors that I'd rather mention over MefiMail or the email in my profile (if you're interested).
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FYI, Angies List might not be the best place to get unbiased reviews anymore. Fewer and fewer negative reviews are being published by the Angies List staff because contractors also pay ($350 a month I've heard?) for being on Angies List. There seems to be a conflict of interest that is being talked about quite a bit in the homeowner community these days.
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An alternative to Angie's List is Service Magic.
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We've had some good luck with guys from Craigslist -- decent job and very affordable. If you want specific names, MefiMail me and I can give you their contact info.
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