Do I have some form of colorblindness?
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So I have some kind of color viewing impediment, but it seems rather nonstandard. [mi]

It resembles red-green colorblindness - the only time I've taken the book test I've had in memory was just quickly, on request in LensCrafters, and that's what they said it looked like. I haven't remembered to ask the few times I've been to an actual ophthalmologist.

Well, first, with the green: I really think I can see green - I wouldn't describe the color of plants or Ask Mefi as a shade of anything, it looks like a color of its own, not like red. However, I'm not confident telling certain shades of light green from yellow, for example the buttons on this submission form. Green-yellow colorblindness? Green mixed in with other colors also occasionally throw me off, like a blue-green pillow can seem blue to me at first.

This all sounds like an inability to see green, but I really don't particularly see it as red, and besides that I do have a unique color I call green.

Also - and this is probably unrelated and may be normal for everyone - dark shades of bluish purple vs. blue, are hard but usually not impossible to tell.
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Assuming you have a color monitor, how do you fare with an online test?
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Response by poster: I'm "colorblind" on all, and on the last I can read the "26" but the 2 is a little rough. I think I've taken an online test before, and with similar results, but I didn't bother mentioning it because I know what the standard test says.
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Response by poster: (why even mention the possibility of having a grayscale monitor? ;) )
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Whoa. Plate 3 on that test is weird. I saw the 70 first, but then I saw the 29 once I looked. The 29 is still flippig in and out for me.
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abcde, I've had similar things. For all of my life I tested completely normally on color vision tests, until about 3 years ago when I got my eyes checked while getting new contact lenses. Yet I can think of almost few instances where I have difficulty with color. I always put it down to just a bad copy of the test plates at that optometrist. I asked an opthamologist about it last summer, but didn't get re-tested, and he seemed to think it probably wasn't a problem. On that online test linked by majick, I score normal on some and red/green blind on others. It's weird.
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I have one instance where I have trouble with blue/green color, but I'm convinced it's just in my head: people's eyes.

I see fine variations in color with no problem, but with eyes, I seem to register people as either light-eyed or dark-eyed. Even for people I've known for years, I could describe the shape of their eyes, the puff of the lids, the length of lashes -- but blue vs. green? I'd usually not know.

I've tried to become more conscious of this since getting bawled out by a girlfriend, but it still requires a special effort. How weird is that?
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Response by poster: Tubes: Not very. A lot of people claim their eyes change color and such. It might be because the color is defined by a weird combination of refraction, translucency and pigmentation, because we process eyes differently than we do normal stimuli, etc. In any case, the volatility of eye color is normal, and I'm sure there are good attempts to explain it, but I haven't myself checked it out. (I probably should, it's sounding interesting now that I talk about it ;) )
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Response by poster: skallas: That still sounds like red-green colorblindness to me, and in life, I've never had any problem between red and green.
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Ack! Plate three I can't see anything much at all.

Still, I've come to the conclusion that I've got some kind of colour blind thing going on, because I'm doing really odd things playing popcap's Zuma I'm aiming balls with great accuracy, but matching the wrong colours up.


So why didn't these get picked up on the tests we did at school?
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Never heard my issue mentioned anywhere. When shades get inbetween green and blue, some of them can, at times, flash between "blue" and "green" to me. Not just a question of what to call it, but a matter of the tones shifting. Weird. Seldom any problem.
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On a slightly different note... I can see the full range of colors, but perceive noticable differences in hue/saturation between my left and right eye, especially in the reds & greens. Anybody else heard of/have this?
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bradhill - I have noticed this too. One eye sees very slightly "warmer" tones than the other. I hadn't even thought about for a long time, though, since it doesn't cause me to upset girlfriends in any way.
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