Dermatologists (or those who go to them) help me prevent & treat wrinkles (details inside).
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Dermatologists (or those who go to them) help me prevent & treat undereye wrinkles (details inside).

I've been a die-hard sunscreen user for years, and I'm also fanatic about staying out of the sun. Consequently, people always guess I'm almost a decade younger.

However, newer sunscreen formulas always manage to get into my eyes and are extremely irritating so lately I've stopped using sunscreen around the eye area. Also, I tend to squint a lot when I smile.

ALL of a sudden(!) I just woke up with fine lines under my eyes...and they are getting worse.

My questions are thus:

1. Are there sunscreens that absolutely won't irritate the eye area?
2. If I learn to stop squinting when I smile will it make any difference at this point?
3. Is there any treatment that will really fix the fine lines? Do lasers really work and if so, how much do they cost? What about topical treatments (OTC, prescription, etc.)?

I know this might seem silly, but humor me please. I've been wearing sunscreen 365 days/year for years, so obviously I am hoping to slow Father Time.
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For #1, I love Coppertone Waterbabies sunscreen. I use it for all my outdoor activities, and the burn when (if) it gets in your eyes is much less than any other sunscreen I've tried. I've also learned to wipe off any sunscreen from my eyebrows - it doesn't get absorbed well and consequently can easily run into your eyes when you sweat/rub your face.
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1 - No. If they get into your eyes they will sting. Try to use the suncreen as close to your eye as you can without getting it in your eyes.

2 - Maybe, but do you really want to have a fake smile?

3 - Retin-A certainly works. Lasers can work depending on the skill of the operator, the suitability of the laser selected for your skin, etc. There are a bunch of different laser treatments: IPL, ActiveFX are two for lighter skin tones. I was at the dermatologist last week - those are the two she suggested if I wanted it. The cost varies -IPL was in the neighborhood of 800, ActiveFX maybe double that. If you only wanted a small area it would obviously be less.
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I've had great luck with Alba Botanica SPF 30 Green Tea sunscreen, very gentle and not irritating even if it does work its way into my eyes during summer exercise.
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Lasers are great, but they won't do anything for under-eye wrinkles. The technicians can't get too close to your eyes with those things. I don't think there's anything you can do, except use moisturizer. As I got older I started putting jojoba oil on my face before bed. It would have turned me into one big zit when I was in my twenties, but the skin under the eyes is very dry, so now oil isn't too much.
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There are a few eye creams on the market with SPF in them now. I use this one by Murad and have used this one by DDF in the past. I like both of them. Dove and Nivea also have SPF eye products.

I prefer the DDF and Murad ones because the SPF is higher. I have not experienced any irritation - these are made for the eye area after all. Supposedly the Murad one reduces the appearance of fine lines so it may be a good bet for you. If you are near a Sephora they have samples so you can take it home and try it out before buying.
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This one by Clarins is SPF 30 and says, "... helps prevent lines and wrinkles and stops photoaging in its tracks. This light, oil-free, non-irritating formula won't sting or irritate sensitive eyes." I did a search on the Sephora site and here are some more options.
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