Awesome karaoke in Boston?
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Looking for a good place for karaoke in Boston.

Prefer a place that has karaoke rooms as opposed to a bar that has a karaoke night. It would be ideal if it were open in the afternoon/evening and it must be accessible via public transportation.

Any suggestions based on personal experience? Limelight seems to fit the bill - any feedback on this place specifically?
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THIS IS WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. It's my favorite place in Boston. They have three sizes of rooms, you can walk from the B line (it's not far from Commonwealth Avenue), they have an *unbelievable* selection of songs (really current, really old, SHOW TUNES) and each room has a MIRRORBALL and comes with multiple microphones and TAMBOURINES. Also - they don't have a liquor license. I won't say another word, lest my favorite place be spoiled. I'll let these people tell you.
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I've been to Limelight a few times, and we've always had a blast. The private studios are great, especially for people who are a bit shy, and I think the price is reasonable ($10 per person/per hour). There's a huge selection of songs and it's fun to customize the colored lights in your reserved room. While they do serve liquor, it's not the greatest selection, but you can make do. I'm pretty sure they serve some food as well, but we've always eaten elsewhere beforehand, so I can't comment on that. Since it is surrounded by Emerson College buildings, there tends to be a good number of Emerson students there, but I don't view that as a negative, because they tend to be good kids who can sing. Have fun!
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See, maybe I was too subtle in my attempt to avoid drawing unwanted attention to my favorite place. I can tell that Limelight *serves* liquor and food. And I bet that the food and drink are awfully expensive! You can totally BRING food into Do Re Mi. And also, maybe check out the "yelp" link. Do Re Mi is an excellent bargain, is what I'm saying. It's also got character and heart - Limelight looks like kind of a corporate karaoke nightmare, whereas Do Re Mi is like a dive-y kind of karaoke heaven.
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2nding Do Re Mi.
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I like the private rooms at Limelight. We had the best bachelor party for my buddy there-- picking songs and then essentially shoving each other out of the way when we got bored with it. And then you can go to The Glass Slipper.
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Do Re Mi. Do Re Mi. A hundred times Do Re Mi. It's just a few blocks from the exit 18/20 toll plaza on the Pike and from the Harvard Ave stop on the B line, so it's pretty easy to get to. It's BYOEverything, and although they say no alcohol, I've never had them even look in our bags. As long as you don't get totally blasted and make a mess or wreck the place, you'll be golden.

Did I mention it's cheap? $30/hr for up to six people, $5/hr per person afterwards?

If I had to come up with a complaint, it's that they either don't have books listed by artist (only by song title) or they just don't have very many.
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My 11 year old son, and budding Diva, loves Limelight.
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