Ottawa bra shops and fittings: cause I gained weight in the wrong place.
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What's the best bra shop and bra fitting you can get in Ottawa?

I can't really get to Toronto or Montreal, so it does actually have to be in Ottawa. Cheap (i.e. free) fittings would be better, but I'm willing to pay as I'm sure a quick whip of the measuring tape won't work for me. However, most of the chains I've tried just whip the tape around, and then my bras fit like crap. Any suggestions?
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Best answer: If you're larger chested, Bra Chic is supposed to be very good with fittings, AND actually have some pretty bras.

Also, Marianne's in Westgate Shopping Centre (Carling near Merivale) has a good reputation for fittings.

I have no idea what (or if) they charge for fittings, however.
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Response by poster: Thanks nyxie!
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Response by poster: And I swear, "...located in the Westgate Shopping Centre, at Carling near Merivale" has been seeped into my consciousness through cheap commercials for some other store in the centre.
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Glad I could be of help!
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Response by poster: Well, a follow-up. I went; it was awesome. I got the first bra that fits in a long time, but which I doubt I'll be able to find in normal stores (tiny band, huge cup) so I'll probably be back.

Seriously, miles better than La Senza's crappy service.
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