Lost Young Adult Title, Ancient Egypt
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I read this YA novel back in the late seventies. If I recall correctly, it was a time travel story involving a pet cat and a boy living in ancient Egypt. The one scene that really stands out for me involves the boy baking an elaborate loaf of bread shaped like a cat? a building? and having his heart sink as he watches it be thoughtlessly consumed by his masters.

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Is it Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander?
posted by lemuria at 11:51 PM on February 10, 2008

Response by poster: lemuria, that sounds like it could be right, except that I remember this story being a stand alone book- maybe one in a series. I'll google the author and see if I can find more info. Thanks!
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I'm pretty sure Time Cat is a stand-alone. And I remember they spent time in ancient Egypt. But I haven't read it since the late seventies, either, and the details are fuzzy.
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Here it is on Google books.
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Response by poster: Well, after some hardcore googling, t turns out that the book I'm looking for is called Christophe in Egypt: The Odyssey of Pharaoh's Cat by Inge Fischer. Ridiculously similar plots, and both books were published around the same year! Thanks to everybody for the input- Time Cat sounds like a lot of fun too.
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