Lather. Print. Repeat. How do I batch print my emails?
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How do I batch print my .eml files?

I am reviewing applications that come in the form of emails. I receive the files in .eml form and drop them into a folder-- is there a way to batch print them all? Ideally, the solution I am looking for is to somehow convert all of these files to PDF, combine them all into a giant file and print them all at once. Is there a freeware solution to this?
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Why are they being received as .eml attachments? There may be something wrong with your mail reader, mail server or applicant.
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You can install a PDF printer driver that is capable of appending to an existing PDF instead of always making a new one. At a glance, this one is a free download and has the capability; I have not tried it, though. I am sure the biliion other free PDF print drivers have this functionality too. So you can simply "print" your emails to the PDF file, and then you are done.
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Response by poster: They're being received as .eml attachments because I think they are being highlighted in Outlook and being dropped into a new email message to be sent.
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