Lasers printer is haunted?
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Cleaning the lasers printer? I've got an old laser printer which works ok. But I have dim spots and recurring dots. Is there a way to make it happy again? (more inside)

It is a Brother HL-1240 laser printer.

It was working fine for a long time with the kid's computer. And playing nice with a variety of operating systems. So it's a fine printer all around for our needs.

And cheap to boot. Being a laser. And a thrift store find.

Bit now its for lack of a better word "ghosting" with some stuff showing up all the time when he prints.

I know that the dim spots are most likely low toner. But before replacing that I want to see if the recurring dots can be done away with.

Is there a way to clean that up? I think this is a laser printer problem in general, so I'm wondering if there is something to clean somewhere in there. And help out old laser printer using folks in general.
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It may need a new drum.

If not, it's possible that someone left the toner cartridge in it when they were moving it around, thus getting toner inside the unit. That can cause both spots (from the toner dust itself being fused onto the paper) and dim strips if the toner gets on the window through which the laser shines.

I don't know specifically how to clean it. I wish I did, as mine needs cleaning as I was stupid enough to leave the toner cartridge in it while I drove it around for a couple of hours.

I once had to pay someone to clean an Infoprint 40, it cost somewhere between 60 and 100 dollars and took an hour or two.
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If you have repetitive defects, the thing to do is start with a repetitive defect ruler.

Basically there's like 6 different rollers and drums and stuff in there, and you can use the spacing of the to identify which one is dirty or having problems or whatnot. Some of the drums are in the toner cartridge, so the solution is just replace that.

Unfortunately I can't seem to find any official brother service manuals from anywhere but the spammiest of pay sites. I would contact their support and ask if they can provide a repetitive defect ruler for your printer.
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