MS Word autocorrect: can I set it to auto capitalize several different inputs into the same output?
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In Word, is there any way to set up autocorrect such that it automatically capitalises different combination? E.g., I want 'member State', 'Member state' and 'member state' to automatically be capitalised as 'Member State', but after putting in the first combination, autocorrect can't recognise the difference. Any ideas?
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What version of word are you using?

I went in to Tools > AutoCorrect, checked the "replace text as you type" box and then did an input of "member state" to be replaced with "Member State".

It worked for me (using Word 2000) in all combinations.

If you're trying to correct the old entered text, do Find and Replace and that should do it...
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What jerseygirl said. Auto-replace is customizable.
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Response by poster: XP. I tried customising with different versions, but as soon as one is entered, say 'member state' to correct to 'Member State', when I then try to add 'member State' to correct to 'Member State', as I'm typing in 'member State' it automatically changes to 'member state' in the Replace column, making it impossible to add all variations to the autocorrect bit.
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