Turn off Instiki spam/flood protection
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Is there any way to stop spam protection on Instiki?

I run a local version of Instiki (0.12) on my Mac (OSX 10.4.11) which I keep notes on. This isn't an as-you-go operation - I'll take notes by hand, and then at the end of the day or week sit down and try and type them all in.

Problem is, Instiki's flood/spam protection is stopping me. Is there any way of turning it off? I'm more than happy to dive in using Terminal. I've Googled around, but there doesn't seem to be a ready-made solution yet.
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A quick glance at it shows it uses a plugin; form_spam_protection, which is called from controllers using protect_forms_from_spam or from similar sounding before_filters.

And indeed, app/controllers/application.rb:
class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
#  require 'dnsbl_check'
Comment that out, maybe restart if it runs in production mode, and you're done.
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Response by poster: My version had slightly more than that listed.

class ApplicationController <> # require 'dnsbl_check'
before_filter :dnsbl_check, :connect_to_model, :check_authorization, :setup_url_generator, :set_content_type_header, :set_robots_metatag
after_filter :remember_location, :teardown_url_generator

And commenting it out completely broke Instiki. Any ideas?
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Best answer: Yes, I just included enough context to draw your attention to "protect_forms_from_spam". Comment that line out and it should work, don't remove anything else.

You may also delete ":dnsbl_check," from the before_filter line to remove DNS blacklist checks; saves a few pointless DNS lookups.
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Response by poster: That plus deleting all lines in spam_patterns.txt did the trick. Thanks!
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