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Experiences with Sephora's no!no! hair removal device?

Last time I was at Sephora I saw this product, and when I went home I looked it up online. Unfortunately the name makes it a little tough to search for, and there doesn't seem to be much information out there about it. The only review I could find was this one, and I can't tell whether it's actually a real review or some kind of sponsored thing, and either way it's just one data point - not really enough information on which to base that big a purchase.

So, have any of you tried this device? How'd it go? I'm curious about both its effectiveness and the practicality of the thing; if it takes an hour a day, I won't actually use it. And how is it for ingrown hairs? Does regrowth look like post-waxing hair (i.e. the end of the folicle grows in, so it looks finer at first) or post-shaving hair (thicker-looking and more stubbly because it was sliced off halfway down the hair)?
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Check out You have to register, but there are reviews for everything. There are two reviews for that product, and I would just copy paste for you, but they're fairly long.
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That site looks good, wuzandfuzz, but I can't find that product reviewed anywhere. Am I doing something wrong? Search turns up no hits for anything similar.
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For what it's worth, I just googled "no!no! hair removal system" and got back a number of sites with reviews - here are the Amazon customer reviews, for instance ...
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Sorry about that LittleMissCranky, if you go to product reviews at the top, and then in the field that says "seach product name" and put hair removal, it comes up on the second page. I'll include a direct link but I'm not sure it'll work because of the membership requirement of the site.!_No!_Hair_Removal_System/2_Grrrls/Misc_Beauty_Tools
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you're a kitty!, someone asked the same question in 2004.
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someone asked the same question in 2004.

But no one was really able to answer the question then, either. Sorry, I didn't mean that in an argumentative sort of way. I'm just interested in learning about the product, too.
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