How can I stream Netflix to Argentina?
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I recently moved to Argentina and was wondering if there was a way to by-pass the Netflix streaming restriction that only permits US viewing and watch movies here?

I understand Netflix won't allowing viewing outside of the 50 states, any way I can get around this?
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a proxy?
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Yeah. You can do a Google search for "U.S. proxy" and find a proxy, which you can then enter in the Network preferences panel if you have a Mac. (Sorry, don't know about Windows but I'm sure there are a bazillion pages out there on how to do this.)

I do this sometimes but not for Netflix specifically and I'm always a little wary of who might be watching my data when I do it.

Also, it's often slow. There are probably better options for watching movies.

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Hotspot Shield works for me in these situations, and I'm in the UK.
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You may already be aware of this, but I haven't been overly impressed with Netflix's offering of streaming videos at this point. A few good ones, but not many. This may play into the effort you are willing to go through to make this work.
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Amazon also has streaming movies with a better selection than Netflix, although their video player was coded by Satan himself (google for "unbox reviews").
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I bet if you connect to HotSpotVPN, you'll be on an American IP and be let through.
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Piggybacking .. anyone have recommendations for a UK proxy ?
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Yeah, it's called Bittorrent.

No, it's called usenet. Accessible anywhere. Small monthly fee. Access to everything... movies, TV shows, you name it. And it'll be a hell of a lot faster than redirecting over a proxy or VPN.

Not to mention, most news providers offer web interfaces. "So what?" you say dismissively. So, that means downloading over HTTP instead of Bittorrent or FTP or Usenet or any other protocol. "Yeah, so what?" you ask again. So, that means you're immune to traffic shaping.


Now we must never speak of this again.
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