uncompress my love, cause maybe i dont love you all that much
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compressed files inside of compressed files inside of compressed files. arg. please help me automate this process.

i have one large RAR file, with many ZIP files in subdirectories in this file. inside the ZIP files, there are further subdirectories leading to... a RAR file. this end RAR file contains the final jpegs i need. can anyone please make the process of unpacking these end RARs (literally hundreds of hem) into some sort of managable directory structure? [oh and i'm on Vista]
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If I had to do this, I'd do it via cygwin and the unrar and unzip command line tools. "unrar a.rar". "find a -name \*.zip -exec unzip {} \;". and repeat.
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winrar has a command line and can uncompress recursively via the gui iirc.
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You need to enable the WinRAR context menus evidently by running WinRAR once as an administrator and re-enabling them (Options -> Settings -> Integration -> Shell Integration).

Then, just select all archives, right click, and select "Extract Here" or "Extract each to seperate folder" depending on your preference. Repeat this again and then delete all the archives. If you extracted it to different folders, use a file search for *.zip or *.rar to get just the new archives and extract.
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The freeware package 7-Zip understands both formats.
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You might try the mighty Unzipthemall which is a lovely little free app.
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Stuffit has the option to "Continue to expand when expansion result is a single archive", which might skip some but not all steps.

It's designed for .tar.gz files and similar (I think there's a Mac equivalent that involves binhex).
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WinRAR will do this for you. You can load up the WinRAR program (not using the shell extensions), highlight any number of folders, and you can right-click and "Extract files to the specified folder". I just experimented with nested folders up to three deep - presumably it will find them at any depth.

If you want to extract everything into one folder with no subfolders, the option is in the Advanced tab when the extract menu pops up.
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