Blue Cheese/Brie/Goat Cheese fondue?
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I'm looking for a recipe (or just general tips/strategy) for fondue with brie, goat, and blue cheeses to replicate one found at Left Bank recipes in the SF bay area. There are a million fondue recipes on the internet, but nothing I'm seing looks similar.

The fondue I'm trying to imitate is very rich and creamy, almost like a thick bechamel sauce, and not winey/gooey like traditional swiss fondues (not that there's anything wrong with those). Any ideas? My best guess is to basically make a bechamel with heavy cream and add equal amounts of the three cheeses, then cook until thickened, but I'm not sure that will work...

Any guidance, tips, or recipes would be much appreciated, thanks!
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it's not what you're looking for specifically -- but I've had good luck with Melissa Clark's recipes and she does have one that includes Gorgonzola (scroll down) -- plus the article's a good read and the other recipes are pretty tempting too. I am looking for an opportunity to try them myself.
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