help finding a room to rent
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Help me find a room in Queens or Brooklyn..

I need to move out by March and I would like to rent a room with a window and a closet. $400 to $500 a month would be ideal. I would like to live a few blocks from a train station and anywhere I can buy food. I've looked into Queens and I love the Jackson Heights and Astoria area.

Any suggestions where to look?
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$400 or $500 near a train and a good grocery store? Good luck with that. Sorry to be snarky, but you definitely have your work cut out for you. Start with Craigslist, I guess. Reload it every half-hour until you have an apartment.
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Well, $500 might not be out of the realm of possibility if one were to take a room in a 3-bedroom with two other people. If that were my budget, that's what I'd be looking for. If you could stretch it to $600-800 you could be one of two roomies in a pretty good apartment. Astoria and Jackson Heights are strong possibilities. Also neighborhoods along the 7 train, or Washington Heights, or maybe Bushwick?
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If you really like Queens, also try Sunnyside and Woodside. Lots of old pre-war apartment buildings with big, rambling apartments.

Craigslist is a great resource, but don't forget that old-fashioned footwork can get you a place, too. Go walking in these neighborhoods and look for cafes, laudrymats, and other hangouts where people post flyers.

Good luck!
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btw, turkishLola, you have MeFi mail.
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Sometimes the nonsenselist has rooms for rent. Otherwise, craigslist. If you can speak Spanish, walk around the Corona area under the 7 train - every streetpost has a sheet with tear off numbers advertising rooms.

I've found it hard to find anything under $500, but keep searching craigslist obsessively.
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