Homemade Nada Chair
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I want to make my own Nada Chair sort of thing. Does anyone know where I can find instructions?

According to this
the nada chair was inspired by a method used by tibetan monks to support their backs utilizing rope during long meditations. Has anyone seen instructions on how to make something similar? Maybe instructions on how the monks do this with rope. I know it must be out there but I'm having trouble coming up with the right combination of search words.
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According to a comment on this site:

They are just cloth belts with a loop, like you see around the world. You loop them around your lower back and legs and then cinch them up. Nothing terribly special.

Having used a nada chair, it seems to me that there is a lot of leeway in designs that would work. I doubt it matters, for instance, exactly how wide the knee pads or the back padding is, as long as you think it looks like it would be comfortable. The main issue would be to make sure you have adjustable-length knee straps, and then I suppose it would be nice to have padding that slides along those straps so it'll stay on your knees regardless of the adjustment of the straps. It all seems pretty obvious if you've seen the nada chair in person. If you haven't, MefiMail me and I'll try to give you a more detailed description of how it all goes together.
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Response by poster: The sliding knee pads sound like a good point. I haven't actually seen one in person & they don't show a retail source in Colorado. I'll see what I can come up with on my own from the photos. I may take you up on your offer of more details if I run into a snag. Thanks, vytae!
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