reading glasses?
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Where do you get your cheap or inexpensive reading glasses? The ones with a scratch resistant lens that are priced so you can buy a half dozen pairs and leave them laying around your life? The cheapos from the hardware store 3.99 or so are good for price but they always scratch right in the center of the lens rendering them useless except for emergencys. The frame can be pretty weak too. This thread had good answers for scratch resistance but no sources for purchase either on line or off.
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Last time I was in Costco I noticed they have packs of 6 or so (in optometry dept). Don't know how scratch resistant they are (and they only show more expensive ones online).
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I see these in the Dollar Store all the time.
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Have not used them but found this site - They advertize 3 pair for $9.99 or 3 pair for $12.99.
I got some real cheapos on line about a year ago but cannot remember the website. I have not had any problems with scratching. I did find the metal frames are holding up better than the plastic.

"quality reader with scratch resistant, optical quality Aspheric lens. We reserve the right to substitute color if we are out of the color you order. Fits narrow/average face.

DIOPTERS: +1.00 through +3.00"
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I don't use reading glasses myself, but I've noticed the local supermarket sells them. I have no idea how cheap they actually are, since like I said I don't have any reason to be buying them, but I can't imagine they cost all that much.
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Response by poster: I guess the real issue is cheap plus known scratch resistance. Thanks shaarog.
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I suspect cheap will preclude scratch resistance.
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Zenni Optical offers free anti-scratch coatings. Never ordered from there, but friends have and seemed very happy with the results.
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Data point: I ordered two pair of glasses from Zenni, and they were really, really flimsy. Like dollar store sunglasses. The grocery store glasses are better built.

It might be worth checking out if Costco (or Sears or some place like that) optical would add a coating to their cheaters?

But anti-scratch coatings won't make glasses bullet proof, so not placing glasses down on their lenses will go a far longer way toward clear vision.

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I'm with gjc. The first thing I thought when reading your question was that I would buy a bunch of the cheapies and then ask an optician to spray their scratch-resistant magic on it. I don't know the cost, but I'd find out and if it's anywhere near reasonable, I'd head to Costco for their six-packs and buy a couple.
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I've been buying from for several years and have found that I can get a comfortable pair that really last. I generally lose them first. Try the "Ricky Dee" at $19.95 or the "Ashley" for $14.95, or the "Buddy Holly" at $8.95. I've tried, Eyesave, the Costco glasses, and the drugstore brand (Magnavision) and have found debspecs to be a better all around deal. The frames are substantial and the lenses haven't scratched.
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I'm going to second the dollar store, I use and throw 'em. By the time you get to $10 for a pair vs 10 pair you will be saving yourself money. Been doing it for years.
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