How can I rip a RealPlayer streaming video?
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What are some ways to turn a RealPlayer streaming video file into a ripped, usable file on your hard drive? I've seen stuff for the audio part, but not so much video.
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mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile [savefile] [url]

This will save pretty much any streaming format to a file. It does not re-encode the data, so you end up with an exact copy of the original.
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Man, those mplayer folks don't make it easy to figure out how to install and run it. Is there a square-one manual a mere mortal can understand?
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If you use Windows or OS X, you might find somewhat more user-friendly packaging by looking here or here, respectively. I haven't tried these personally, so YMMV.
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google for a program called HiDownload - it does this sort of thing very well.
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