Moving to Brooklyn
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My Sig-O is making the big move to NYC this summer and needs to make a housing decision ASAP. Could any knowledgeable gothamefites comment on the safety/quality of this brooklyn neighborhood (with the red star)?
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That looks like its the Fort Greene, Clinton Hill area.

I really like it around there and actually almost moved into an apartment right down the street. The area is mostly old brownstones and has recently been undergoing a revitalization.

There are a lot of new, hip restaurants cropping up around there in response to the influx of young professionals. I've spent a good amount of time around there at night and have always felt safe. There is plenty of pedestrian traffic (see: Jane Jacobs) and there are a couple of subway lines close by.

More here and here.
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Looks like you're on the edge of Clinton Hill and Bed-Stuy. Bedford Stuyvesant isn't so hot, Clinton Hill is fine. Just keep to the west (Ft. Greene) and south (Prospect Heights) and your SO will be fine. And keep your head about you... but that goes for anywhere in NYC.
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I know the neighborhood pretty well, and I think it's perfectly fine. I wish I could move there. Then again, I live in a part of Brooklyn some people think is skeezy, and disagree with Civil Disobedient on the hotness of Bed-Stuy.

I would say as long as your SO doesn't walk around like s/he's scared, s/he won't get fucked with. But if s/he thinks poor black people are scary, then maybe s/he would be uncomfortable. How well does you SO know New York? Where has s/he lived before? Where will s/he be going most of the time (the train you live near really matters; at that stop there's an A at Clinton and Fulton)?

Does your SO bike? It really helps widen your scope and comfort in Brooklyn, I've found. Lots of places that are super bikeable, but a pain to walk. Biking can also feel safer than walking.

Anyway, I can probably answer more specific questions if you have them. Feel free to post here or email me.
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Response by poster: Sorry for the lack of details in the original questions; should have included [more inside].

My girlfriend is not the type to walk around looking scared, but does have a midwestern upbringing and only a few brief trips to the city under her belt. She's got years of practice in other urban environments, just none anywhere close in scope to NYC. She is both adventurous and adaptable, so I trust she'll be fine as long as she's not in a really slummy locale. Poor people of any color are unlikely to cause her much discomfort.

She will be working/schooling in midtown (East 54th Street) but I'd venture to guess that affordable housing is rather non-existent thereabouts. Biking is likely to be her main means of transportation, and she is a seasoned rider.

Thanks for the information, and I may email you with more specific questions as the move approaches.
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Sounds like she'd be fine in that neighborhood. Please do email when it gets closer. I adore Brooklyn and am always happy to help new people orient themselves.
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That's a pretty serious commute. You could likely find something closer. Also, how exact was the red star? Things can vary greatly from block to block. Do you have the option of checking things out before you commit?
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Response by poster: yes, we'll be looking at the place next week, so we can scope out the area. I'm not sure as to the accuracy of the red star, it was just what the LL sent us.

As for the length of commute, we'll probably try it to see how long it takes and then reassess...

Not being a new yorker, I don't have enough familiarity to suggest alternative neighborhoods that would be equally affordable.

Thanks for the advice.
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