New York in March?
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I'm looking for an online calendar of events (concerts, plays, exhibitions, etc.) currently scheduled for March 2008 in New York City. I've found Time Out New York, but it seems to be mostly today's events only. Please help! Thanks!!
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Flavorpill and Upcoming can help.
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For music, there's It's originally a Boston thing, I think, so the NYC listings might be a bit sparse.
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OhMyRockness and The Village Voice have pretty comprehensive listings of shows.
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Time Out New York actually lists pretty far in advance for concerts. Their website can be tough to navigate, but if go to the music section and then click the little "upcoming shows" link, it should send you here. For some reason this option doesn't seem to exist for classical and opera, unless I'm missing it.

For a music listing that includes smaller venues, I like ohmyrockness, which also lists pretty far in advance. Again, these are mostly pop or rock shows; for classical and opera you might just want to check out the calendars on some individual venue or organization websites, like the Metropolitan Opera or the New York Philharmonic.
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Nonsense NYC. A brilliant smorgasboard of absurd happenings.
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