Hallelujah Bebop, give me a job
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Forgotten book filter: Children's book, read in the early 80's. Young girl and her father have a computer they program together.

Dad dies or leaves. Someone new (female?) moves into the house with the girl and her mom. Girl discovers she can control the electrical circuits of the house by typing commands on the computer. She uses this to try to drive away the person who has moved into the house. I remember the computer had a custom prompt that was something like "Hallelujah Bebop, give me a job". Anybody else remember this book?
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I read this book, so I can at least assure you that it is real. I'll see what I can track down.
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This sounds really familiar, but I can't think of the title.
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Final update from the OP:
The book I was looking for is "The Revolt of 10 X"
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