Better Dispenser For Cottonelle Wipes
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I like me some Cottonelle Fresh® Flushable Moist Wipes, but the dispenser pop-up tub is terrible - the next wipe more often than not falls back inside. Can anyone recommend an alternative?

Or maybe my technique is wrong?
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After Cottonelle switched to the perforated wipes + pop-up dispenser, I hung on to the older-style plastic tub with the simple lid- the new design wipes still fit inside. Perhaps a rival brand uses a simpler tub design? You could buy a rival's tub and switch back to Cottonelle once the tub is empty.
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Seconding Lord Kinbote. My family loves Cottonelle wipes too, but we use the old (non-popup) dispenser. If you don't still have your old dispenser, check at different stores because some of them still have the older version in stock.
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My family likes the Charmin Flushable Wipes.
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It maybe technique. Are you pulling straight up or up and then towards you (towards the front of the box)? I found that when I pull straight up they sometimes don't tear at all, but if I pull up and then towards myself they either tear off too soon or tear off just right. You also may want to get a new box - it maybe they changed the design?
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All wipe dispensers fail at some point, in my experience. When I used these, I just got the generic kind in a non-special box and just peeled the top wipe delicately off the top of the stack, being sure not to touch the ones beneath. If you're sharing the box with others, though, this might make you squeamish -- I lived alone and had a "don't touch my ass wipes, asswipe" attitude.
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My Cottonelle technique has solved this problem for me. Pull straight up until the perforation is roughly 1/2 inch above the rubber 'holder.' Pull very quickly to the side (along the long side of the box). I always get at least a corner of the next wipe properly exposed. If it breaks before you can get the perforation out of the box, pull up faster.
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go into the infant/children's aisle - find the least expensive flushable wipes (usually marketed for toddlers). The more expensive brands all seem to have fancy dispensing feature that just doesn't work; I have better luck with the cheaper generics.
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I just don't use the popup thing, and instead just open the box and unfold a wipe off the top.
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