What collection was this found on?
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Some years ago, there was a resource available at the counter at record stores that enabled one to determine all the albums or collections that a particular song appeared on...

It was in the form of a large, three-hole- (?) punch binder of yellowish or orangish (?) pages.

Is there an online equivalent?
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Perhaps AllMusic?

You can search by song title by using the drop-down menu on the front page, and it lists all the different albums it appears on. I hope that works for you!
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Best answer: Fond Memories!
That resource was called the "Phonolog" . when i worked in
a record store, a set of pages would come weekly and I'd update a section.
I loved that damn book. the entry on wiki says that theres a similar/related db thing called MuzeMusic.
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Google music search will do this kinda automatically. Unfortunately, it's one of their automatic data-detector based services, so if Google doesn't intuit that what you're searching for is music, you don't get the magic music interface. Here's an example of it.
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Wow, mumkin! That's so cool!

Using http://www.google.com/musicsearch?q= seems to get you there always.
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Best answer: You can also google for music:cloud cult, for example, to automagically get the music results.
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MusicBrainz search (by track) can do the trick.
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IIRC it was called 'Records in Print'. Detailed the details of each recording.
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Mmmm yeah, the PhonoLog (and it's crappy cousin, the VideoLog) -- good times for a budding music geek working at the mall during his high school years. :)

I can't believe nobody's mentioned Gracenote (formerly CDDB) yet.
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Yeah, the big yellow book -- a lifesaver in the pre-digital age.

My brother was just asking about the musical equivalent of the IMDb. My response was Amazon, though it's hardly an equal. The result of my first song search on Gracenote (link corrected) was NOT satisfactory.
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