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How can I make my uneven breasts look more symmetrical?

I realize that nearly every single woman has asymmetrical breasts - one a little bigger/smaller than the other. But one of my breasts is a modest C, the other is a DD - that's a very noticeable difference. And hard to accommodate.

What kinds of bras should I look for? I've been compromising by wearing a D bra (34 or 36, depending on the bra) and "averaging" out my breasts seems to be a simplistic measure of accommodating (a DD would be FAR too big for my C with too much extra empty space, and a C would cause major overflow).

Are there inserts that I can use that would give me a more even look? What kinds (styles, brands) of bras would be good for me to try and achieve a more even look? Ideally, I'm trying to minimize the DD (too big on my little, short frame).

I could use some helpful thoughts, please!
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Any bra store that's not victoria's secret has these kinds of inserts. If you are in the Mass/New England area you can go to Lady Grace ( and they have inserts there.
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Get fitted for a good bra that will support your DD cup and know that you'll have to pad out the other cup. (Most Americans here recommend Nordstrom's, but I'm sure there are other places you can go. But really -- get fitted.)

Discuss with your fitter what kind of silicone "chicken cutlet" inserts would work for you. You probably would have to buy a pair even though you need only one, but you'd need to replace the first one after a couple of years anyway.
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I saw something on TV called Cleavage Cupcakes. They are silicone inserts that add a cup size. Their site lists another product that might be for you, Takeouts. They can go under the boob for lifting, to the side for cleavage or just over for volume. Amazon has them, and that product's "similar products" listing shows some other brands.
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You don't indicate where you're located, but have you gone to a 'good' store, someplace like Nordstrom (best fitters there, EVER, by the way)? They would be able to help you. Really, anyplace that has experience helping women recovering from mastectomies, or a store that deals with prosthetics would be able to help. But, I know that Nordstrom does, in fact, have this service.

By all means, definitely stay away from places like Victoria's Secret. The last thing you need is a 19yo trying to sell you a crappily made bra with padding in the wrong size.

If you can't find a Nordstrom or someplace similar, look online or in your yellow pages for a corsetry shop (yes, that's what they're actually called). Should you not get any results with those three options, try calling your local hospital and ask to speak to somebody running any support groups (no pun intended) for breast cancer survivors. They will likely have an in with a place like this. I know back when my grandmother had her mastectomy, it was the nurses that told her where she could go to get bras that fit properly.

If you can find one of these places, it will be staffed by ruthless little old ladies manning cloth measuring tapes. They will have absolutely NO sense of personal boundaries, but will give you the best fitting bra you've ever had (and will make your grandmother proud, wherever she may be). Most of these places offer actual alteration services and usually can accommodate situations like yours. Be warned, however, that these places tend to not be bargain basement in prices. It's worth it, though, since I know that when I tend to 'cheap out' on my bras, I end up with several that kind of fit but spend a lot of time in my drawer versus two or three that fit perfectly and get worn into the ground. It all evens out in the end, I guess.

Good luck!
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Have you considered breast reduction surgery?
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I took a class in bra making last year. Can you sew? Have you considered making your own, or having them custom made for you?
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I would suggest that you go to a medical supply store. These places deal with a lot of women in your situation that have had Mastectomys. You just might find what you need there.
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