Is this the Winter Sports Detective Agency?
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Figure skating knowledge required! I promised my mom you could identify a routine she remembered, so she could find it again.

She could only remember that it was a man, though she's watched a fair amount of figure skating in her life and would probably know if it was one of the big names. The routine was of a high-energy, dramatic, unconventional style involving deliberately falling down and things like that. His costume was a simple business suit, black-white-and-tie, and his music was a "contemporary" song about being a man, or being a specific kind of man, something on the theme of identity and manhood. She said it's one of the few that she's ever seen that have really stayed with her, and I'd be her hero (at least for a day or two) if I could dig it up. Go, Team AskMe!
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That could describe a couple of guys, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say your mom is probably remembering Kurt Browning- what you described is what he often wears as a costume, and he does a lot of comedy routines. [ Other | Other ] Which one it might be, I don't know, but that might be a good place to start.
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Best answer: This immediately made me think of Gary Beacom, who skates a routine to Leonard Cohen's "I'm Your Man"

YouTube Link - I'm Your Man, Gary Beacom
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angeline has it.
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Response by poster: Way to go, angeline. She was-- and I quote-- "gasted in all of [her] flabber regions."
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Glad to help, jinjo! That's been one of my favorite routines for a long time, too.

It's hysterical if you can get your hands on a copy of him performing at Sun Valley. That's an outdoor rink, so when he does the big "man shoulders" pose, the wind makes his shirt puff out. Hilarious!
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