How can I replace my favorite pair of old shoes?
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Please, please, please help me locate and buy these shoes.

I bought this pair of suede Adidas Daroga shoes about three years ago. As a direct result of my daily and torrid love affair with these shoes, the soles have worn through and I'm desperate to find a replacement pair in womens size 6.5 (US), preferably in the same alluring cargo/green color combination that first caught my eye and my heart. My love for these shoes knows no bounds, but despite scouring the internet, I've had no luck. Any ideas?

(P.S. I'm not really interested in any of the newfangled versions of the Daroga, with all their mesh and leathery business.)
posted by sciapod to Clothing, Beauty, & Fashion (4 answers total) has them in several sizes, though not in green. They do not have them in green.
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Err, make that "colors" rather than sizes.
posted by MarcieAlana at 2:52 PM on February 6, 2008

i think you may be out of luck. it is crazy hard to find old model shoes. which is why i bought 4 pairs of my favorite running shoes from 2005 at the time. your best bet may be to keep a search running on ebay or inquire on some collectable shoe sites but i see no trace of these exact shoes except that one site you linked to.
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So I share your obsession with darogas, although I prefer the mesh variety. I've had luck buying them on ebay. You can set it up so that ebay sends you an email when a pair of darogas becomes available in your size. It won't happen frequently, but I get an email probably 4-5 times a year. Then start stockpiling!
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