Smelly in Indian Head?
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Question for residents of Southern Maryland. How bad does it smell near the Indian Head sewage treatment plant?

Some friends are looking into a house that's near the wastewater (i.e. sewage) treatment plant. We can't get out there to see it for quite a while. Does the area smell bad? Are there normally odor issues odor issues near wastewater? It seems like a good deal, but we're concerned that might be due to... environmental issues, you see. Thanks.
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Um - well, I had to go onsite to certain wastewater treatment plants in Vancouver BC - and lets just say the moment I got out of the car, it was... well... ugh...

How close is close? Less than a mile?
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The DC plant just a bit up river smells really bad, especially in the area's hot, humid summers. Apparently, the Indian Head plant is new, so maybe it's better?
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I work in Indian Head, MD. Where's the plant? I can swing by and take a sniff.

Southern MD is faily swampy and earthy smelling though, that's for sure. The summers are extremely humid so if there is a problem with smell, the humidity would probably make it seem even worse.
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*fairly swampy
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Blue Plains nearby in DC is far more stinky.
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A cousin happens to live down the street from this treatment plant (off of Bland Drive) and he says that he cannot smell anything from the plant. The only time he has ever smelled anything from the plant is when there was a ton of rain and it only smelled for a few hours. He lives less than 100 feet north of the plant.

If your friends want any more info on Indian Head or that neighborhood feel free to contact me. Email is in my profile.
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