Dental insurance in Colorado
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Cheap, low deductible dental insurance in SW Colorado?

My fiancee is gettting a health insurance stipend at her new job. She'd like to get some dental work done (cleaning, about 8 fillings replaced, wisdom teeth pulled, and a recurring infection looked at - root canal? (eek!)) before we get married and go away for a while. Is there such a thing as cheap, (relatively) low-deductible short-term dental insurance, available (meaning someone nearby accepts it) in or near Teluride Colorado? Or would it be just as cheap and/or easy to simply pay for the work?
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Most independent dental policies that I have had have clauses that severely limit coverage for pre-existing conditions in the first 6 months or year. So what you propose to do is likely not going to work. It's like buying insurance for your car, the day after the accident.
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