How to get through a day of work on too little sleep?
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How to get through a day of work on *yawn* too little sleep? Copious cups of coffee already considered (and consumed).
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A nap at lunchtime can really help. Apparently apples in the morning work better than coffee, but I heard that on television, so...
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Water...enough to counter the dehydrating effects of the coffee & more to keep your body supplied. Six pints+ today.

Snack on nuts & fruit throughout the day.
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Fruit and nuts sounds like a plan. Water is good. Whatever you do, don't eat anything starchy, like bread or pasta. Instant nap time if you do that. Stay away from sugary sweets as well, you'll have an unpleasant crash a few hours later. No turkey either - tryptophan.

Some peppermint tea would pep you right up, as a matter of fact anything minty that you can smell is going to help. Splash some cold water on your face. Get your blood pumping with a few minutes of running in place or jumping jacks. And from now on, get to bed at a decent hour, young man.
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A constant stream of water is also helpful because those constant trips to the bathroom break up monotonous activities in your day.

I get through on 2- hours of sleep some nights just by drinking about a liter of water an hour. It's refreshing, keeps me alert and I have to run to the washroom once an hour, providing breaks.

Caffeine is a short term solution which, over the span of a long work day, will cause you to crash harder, later.
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Raw veggies are good for an energy boost. For me, they work almost as well as coffee.

Water, too.
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Damn, you guys are good. Fill'er up!
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Water works for me. Also, I try to not remind myself that I am tired and act as if I am alert, which usually does it for me.
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Napping under the desk for 30 minutes often helps.
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ah, finally a problem I feel confident answering.

Well, several suggestions have been made. What works for me, and with two children under three, I have the sleepy problem in spades.
  • Caffeine
  • Lots and lots of liquid
  • Keep food to a minimum, sugar or starch will make you sleepier.
  • A short (10-15 minute) nap works wonders
  • A short walk really helps tremendously
  • I also run 5-7 miles at lunch which helps an incredible amount

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