Where to do some civically minded drankin'?
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Where can I watch Super Tuesday coverage and get some beers in Portland, OR?

I'm looking for a place to get some drinks tonight and watch the Super Tuesday returns roll in. I'd prefer to be among democrats (or a mix), but the scene doesn't have to be oriented to one candidate. Any suggestions?
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Hmm, I can't think of any place that would definitely have political coverage on the big screen. Roots has cheap beer on Tuesday nights, isn't very crowded and you might be able to talk the bartender into switching from X-TREME SNOWBOARDING to CNN.
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What part of town are you looking to drink in, JohnFredra?
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Response by poster: I live in southeast, but I'd be happy to go somewhere else.

Thanks for the Roots tip, turbodog!
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"Selling tickets at the door" + "complimentary wine, beer, and appetizers" = huh?
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Response by poster: I found that too, puddleglum -- I think it's a fundraiser.
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Best answer: The Obama folks are hanging at Beulahland tonight.

I thought that generic Oregon Democrats were going to be at the Standard Dairy / Billy Rays / Venue thing at MLK & Freemontish, but puddleglums link makes me wonder where I got that idea from.
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Response by poster: That's perfect, mumkin. Thanks all for the help!
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err, I meant Billy Reed's, sorry, not Billy Ray's.

Time was I'd have gone directly to The Rose and Raindrop, may it R.I.P. Last time around I caught several debates etc. there, in a dem-friendly environment. Let us know if you find a good bar for politics. I'll meet you there next time :)
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