Looking for a good ecomm partner
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I have been tasked with finding a Ecommerce vendor for my company. Basically, we're looking for a company that can handle the whole process for us; ordering stock, taking orders, delivery, etc. We'd like to provide branding for the storefront, but let them handle the transactions and delivery.

I've looked through a number of the top links when Googling this, but it is difficult to tell quality. I'd really hearing if anybody has had a good experience, or knows of a company to avoid. Many thanks.

We can pay, so I'm not just looking for the cheapest option.
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You're talking about fulfillment, check out UPS or Airborne.
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Please note what product you are selling!

I run and manage a successful company selling consumer home electronic products. If your product can fit into my niche, we would stock it, list it on the site, take orders, and deliver.
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Yahoo! Small Business?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, I will look into all of them.

I've been a bit vague only because I don't want to appear to be pimping the company. We'd be selling branded merch such as T-shirts, etc.
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Doesn't Amazon do this?
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