Who is Ralph Spelbring and how did he get into the Missouri primary?
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Who is Ralph Spelbring and how did he get into the Missouri primary?

I voted in the Missouri primary today, and along with Obama and Clinton, the Democrat ballot options included lots of other names. All the Democrats that dropped out of the race were on the list, along with Ralph Spelbring, who I've never heard of. There's not much about him online... nothing on the Wiki. There is some info here and here.

Who is this guy and why is he on the ballot?
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Don't know who that is, but when I worked as a political consultant (including for one of the Missouri state parties in Jeff City) I met a lot of people who wanted to be able to say "former candidate for President of the United States." In other words, they're jokers who think they can fool or impress people. Or sometimes crackpots. That may be terribly insulting to them or others, but its definitely my experience.

Generally speaking, its not terribly difficult to appear on a ballot in a Presidential primary. I don't know what MO law states, nor what the state Democratic party's specific policy is. That being said, its usually a combination of something like pay a fee, meet some requirements (state and federal), petition for some signatures, file paperwork and there you go.
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This says he's only filed for the Missouri Primary. Looks like a substitute teacher from Indiana.
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Another mention of these random guys.
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The MO filing info makes it look pretty simple if pricey ($1000). OTOH, according to MO law, the party can impose signature requirements, which I can't find anywhere.
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Response by poster: Very helpful - thanks for the help.
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Ahh, but the real question is, why wasn't Blake Ashby on either ballot?

(Yeah, self-link to the mag I work for—but a relevant question, nonetheless.)
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Ahh, actually, I can answer my own question—did a bit more searching and found that apparently, Ashby's running as an independent.
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