What to wear to a swing themed party?
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I need reference for an outfit for a Swing themed party.

My friend is having a party with a swing band playing and we're expected to look the part. They have given the 20s and Prohibition era as reference but another friend has suggested it is more 30s/40s - and to be honest I don't have a clue. Any suggestions for what me and my girlfriend should wear?

Also, definitely swing dancing and definitely not swinging.
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Best answer: You could dress as Nazis.
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You can rent a zoot suit just about anywhere you can rent a tux. Otherwise, find an old suit at a thrift store, just make sure the pants are pleated, and find a thin tie and preferably leather braces.
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Seconding dressing as Nazis.
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Typical swing outfits that could be easy to mock.

Try Daddy-O's, and Uniquely Vintage's 40's Pin-Up section.

I'd go more for the 1940's. Dresses were pretty and flowing, hair soft with curls, draw a black line up the back of your leg to mock the stockings you couldn't afford because of the war-effort. For men I'd do gangster or sailor/army man on leave from the base. Both men and women could dress in factory gear ala Rosie the Riveter.

Look at movies made about the 1940's: Swing Shift, Biloxi Blues, A league of their Own, Bugsy, etc.

Have fun!
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20s style is a bit early for Swing. Big band was around then, but swing per se was later on, from what I know. I think 20s and I think jazz and flappers.

There's a HUGE subculture devoted to swing dance. A few google searches should provide you with all the refrences you need to look the part.
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Oops - left this link out: Some 1930's/40's men's costumes.
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This is a message board for folks who like the look and style of those times. You might pick up some interesting tips.

The Fedora Lounge
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Seconding dressing as Nazis.

Of course, there's a Precedent for that.
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The Swing Era was from the mid-thirties to the mid forties, when Big Band was hip. It most certainly was not during the twenties. That was the Jazz Age.
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